Monday, 17 February 2014

My Frugal Wedding

After 7 and a bit years of adventures together, Owen finally popped 'The Question' back in April 2013 making me just about the happiest crying person in the world at that moment in time!

I think it was the following day that it suddenly hit us both: we had a wedding to plan. Daunting? Yes. Expensive? We didn't want it to be if we could help it. We'd already been living together for a couple of years at this point and owning a house really does make you think carefully about how much you spend on things.

How much for a wedding dress?! That's how much it cost to replace our boiler! I'm only going to wear it once! Ridiculous.

So we set ourselves a challenge, (just a little extra challenge on top of the wedding planning plus three jobs between us, Owen studying for his degree and keeping on top of the garden, housework and home improvements!), to have the wedding we both want for under £5k.

It is now February 2014 and we are 6 months away from 'The Big Day'! It is shaping up to be the most beautiful wedding I could have asked for and whereas I'm not certain we will manage it under £5000, it is pretty close!

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